Welcome to the Unified Compliance API 2.0!

Unified Compliance’s API 1.0 is focused on loading information from the Common Controls Hub into your application. 

API 2.0 is focused on interactivity, mapping your content, creating bespoke glossaries and dictionaries, and a few other things yet to be announced.

You will need to use both APIs to accomplish certain tasks within the realm of API 2.0.

These pages describe the following:

  • Acceptable characters
  • Object Classes
  • Object Types
  • Objects
  • Element Schema
  • JSON Calls

In addition, in partnership with TagVault.Org, we will be advancing the tagging standard for Software Identifier (SWID) identification, configuration, and compliance mapping.

Is the API 2.0 for me?

That depends. Do you care about any of the following:

  • Creating a custom glossary from selected Authority Documents?
  • Mapping in your own content so that the content is tagged for nouns and verbs (so that you can customize your own organization-wide glossaries)?
  • Mapping your content (policies, standards, procedures, etc.) to the mandates found within selected lists of Authority Documents you have to follow?

API 2.0 is focused on these items above. We are here to help you bring structure and clarity to your content. We are here to help you create and maintain your own organizational glossaries and dictionaries. We are here to help you map your internal controls to external requirements. This is what API 2.0 can do for you!