TagVault Schemas and API Operations

Tagvault is proposing a total of four schemas presently:

  1. Person to identify individual contributors to the TagVault content repository (not defined clearly in any standard).
  2. Role to identify the roles assigned to SWID Tag creation and usage as defined by ISO/IEC 19770–2:2015 Information technology — IT asset management — Part 2: Software identification tag
  3. SWID Tags as defined in the above-mentioned standard.
  4. SWID and HWID configuration guidance as defined in multiple other standards and industry participation currently being researched.

As such, the TagVault schema and API will share structures, methods, code, etc. with the other members of GRCschema.org.

TagVault.org will manage the creation and maintainenance of the above four schemas for the group represented at GRCschema.org.